Team News: Hamilton v Kilmarnock

Last updated : 16 April 2010 By Killie Kingdom

Well we are finallly at our last few games till the end of the season and yet again we are left in a relegation battle. The difference with this time round is that there is a real chance,  of Ayrshire's Finest Team being relegated into the 1st Division since 1992/'93 (that'll please our District Rivals Ayr Utd no end).

3 points is a must in this game as anything else could mean definite relegation.

The home side Hamilton have only one injury worry - Brian Easton currently on loan from Burnley, who is sidelined due to a knee injury. David Elebert returns to Accies XI after being injured

Killie's Kevin Kyle (suspension) and Frazer Wright (hamstring injury) are out. Manuel Pascali, Jamie Hamill and Scott Severin are all doubts but Captain Craig Bryson returns.


HAMILTON: Cerny, Elebert, McLaughlin, Canning, Mensing, F Paixao, Neil, McArthur, Wesolowski, Antoine-Curier, M Paixao, McClenahan, van Zanten, Evans, Thomas, Crawford, Wilkie, Murdoch.

KILMARNOCK: Cameron Bell, Tim Clancy, Simon Ford, Manuel Pascali, Garry Hay, Mehdi Taouil, Scott Severin, James Fowler, Chris Maguire, Connor Sammon, Allan Russell, Craig Bryson, Alan Combe, Danny Invincibile, Gavin Skelton, Stephen Old, Iain Flannigan, Liam Kelly, Mark Burchill, David Fernandez.