Tango's Current XI Beat Tango's Old Boys!

Last updated : 04 April 2010 By Killie Kingdom


Can anyone tell me why oh why do we never start strong in the first half of any game at home? 

From after the whistle for kick-off in the first half, we had about two kicks of the ball until the Dons took over possession - we however looked leaky at the back despite having a 5-3-2 formation plus the old "could-not-string-two-passes-together" cliche seem to be returning. Sadly though for defender Fraser Wright - his game was over in just 9 minutes as he pulled his hamstring while chasing a Dons striker to the left corner flag (Chadwick Stand end), he was quickly replaced by Jamie Hamill who's workrate certainly improved a lot since the last time I saw him.

It took just over twenty minutes to get Ayrshire's Finest moving and chances were a plenty but none taken.  The opener came from when Aberdeen's Grassi put the ball into the back of his own net to gift Killie the opening goal. After the restart again chances came and gone for Killie, but it was mainly the ball going wide or the ball being well caught by Jamie Langfield. 

The Dons were also hot on the heels of a goal however this was ruined due to the fact that two of their players simply did not want to take the free kicks from where they should have been taken.  From where I was sitting in the Main Stand, one player in particular moved the ball three times, so that he could take it from where he wanted to take it  - it annoyed me so much and referee Mike Tumilty didn't even penilise him for it.

Half time whistle blew: Kilmarnock 1-0 Aberdeen

Into the second half then and it was Killie who got the best start with Mehdi T working his socks off, to try and get the ball into the middle, however the consistent problem throughout the game was that if someone was ready and holding possession, if they wanted to put the ball into the penalty area - there was no-one in the middle to put the ball to. The Dons yet again could have scored the equalizer but thanks to who I thought should be man of the match, our GK Cammy Bell - they never got the opportunity as he saved shot after shot after shot.

Killie's second came from an Allan Russell header and it's good to know that he still wants to score goals, despite having a mini-acting career in the BBC's "River City". The Dons players kept pushing for a consolation goal but it never came, they kept misfiring and the ball went wide, over the bar, found Row Z etc - you know how it works. This in addition to some rough fouls so it would not surprise me if some of our players have got wee knocks from this game.

Final whistle blew and the Rugby Park Faithful cheered not to mention the folks in the Park Suite section of the Main Stand were chanting "Pressley, Pressley - what's the score? Falkirk is going down - going down..."

After this game we are 4 point clear of the relegation zone but we can't sit back just yet - we really need to make a good fight of the rest of our remaining game and steer as clear from that zone as we possibly can.  The future of Ayrshire's Premier Football Team is in their hands!