Jambos win gives Killie deeper relegation fears...

Last updated : 12 April 2010 By Killie Kingdom

In yet another game which was crucial to our survival we fall and lose by a single goal, I have lost count of how many times this has happened and I fear it will cost us our SPL status.

It took only alf an hour for the Jambos to score thanks to Suso Santana's right-footed shot, however before that and mostly during the first half both sides failed to score however there was a little more better luck in the second with the home side having the majority of the chances.  Killie did have chances as well but most went wide or were scuffled.

Towards the end the boys in blue and white displayed both desperate defending and trying to get the equalizer as a point was better than none, but the Jambos held one for the 1-0 win.

Here is the situation now....

Between ourselves, the Buddies and the Bairns there is only ONE SINGLE POINT! St Mirren (11th) and Falkirk (12th) are level with 28 points each but it could not be hotter in the relegation battle. The aim in the final games of the season should be not to lose and hope that whoever is playing both the other two teams wins.

The thing is - we SHOULD NOT have to depend on other teams losing so that we can survive, we should be and are able to win games on our own without doing so but nobody in the current starting XI seems to actually care about being relegated and what it will mean for Ayrshire District's Premier football team!

It's not over until the fat lady sings or is that until the bottom team get relegated?