Why Rangers must be punished

Last updated : 07 August 2007 By Killie97
Rangers Owner Sir David Murray's comments in the media yesterday is nothing less than a blatant attempt at trying to use the media to lessen potential sanctions on his football  club Glasgow Rangers. The other Spl Chairmen must not be blackmailed into not taking the appropriate action against Rangers or any other club if their fans cannot behave, sing sectarian or offensive songs at football games.

The ramifications for the SFA and the Scottish game could be far greater than a proposed banning of Rangers away fans at other spl grounds by Rangers, if they are unwilling to punish clubs that fall foul to the rules of the international governing body because effectively uefa/fifa will come in and do it for us if they deem the SFA negligent, a far worse option than not punishing Rangers as it will badly undermine our governing body and the game in Scotland as it will show Scottish football to be weak on sectarianism in Scottish football